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El Adaptador de Montura FT1 le permite usar algunos lentes NIKKOR con montura F (los que han sido diseñados para ser usados con las cámaras réflex/réflex digitales de Nikon) en la Nikon 1 V1. El Adaptador de Montura se conecta a la Nikon 1 V1 y los lentes NIKKOR con montura F se conectan después al adaptador. El FT1 agregará un ángulo de visión de 2.7 veces el de la distancia focal del lente NIKKOR con montura F.
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FT Adapter on a V1 This is a wicked cool adapter. I use it on everything from a 55-200 DX to a 20-400 manual focus. DX lens are great everything works and super magnification. I have used many older lens with varying levels of functionality. Exposure and focus are keys to remember. Great tool is that you can zoom the screen into small areas to adjust the focus better. If I weren't having such a ball not lugging my D700 and still getting great shots I would complain more about the price. Sorry Nikon but for a something without glass in it ouch. 12 de febrero de 2012
Force Multiplier The Nikon 1 Series provides a small capable camera that can be paired with extremely small lenses (10, 10-30 and 30-110) that provide excellent optical performance in a package that's extremely small and lightweight. For those times when size and weight are not as critical as other factors, this handy piece of gear provides access to all those "F" lenses in the world. I bought the J1 as a gift for my wife (with 10, 10-30 and 30-110 lenses) since it's got sufficient IQ and speed for her photographic needs, but is small and light enough that she'll carry it along. The FT-1 was bought primarily for her to use with the new 50/1.8G that sees little time on my D7000 (75mm is an awkward focal length for me). On the J1 the 50 becomes a 135/1.8 and has proven to be an excellent portrait lens and useful "fast-tele" for her, while still being relatively light weight and ergonomic. The FT-1 works just as advertised and is very solid and well crafted. The only rub is that the Nikon 1 firmware did not originally support the FT-1 and had to be updated, which took about an hour of time reading the instructions, doing the download and swapping cards, etc. Well worth it. Now I just have to keep my wife away from my 300/4 AF-S and the new 85/1.8G when it arrives. 5 de febrero de 2012
Exceeds expectations The list of compatible lenses in the documentation is more of a guideline. I have a Tamron 500 mm mirror lens with a Nikon AI adaptor and it works well with my new V1 running in aperture priority mode. Even videos look good. I have quite a few manual Nikkor lenses, as for the past 30 years I have used an F2 and never got around to buying a DSLR. I do product documentation with this camera and the ability to use my existing manual lenses is a big help. 29 de diciembre de 2011
Nikon 1 V1 Great IQ, easy to use, the FT adapter is fantastic. Low light capture is good, lighting fast autofocus. 27 de diciembre de 2011
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